Roofs Restored, LLC (“Roofs Restored”) warrants that, subject to the terms, conditions and limitations stated below and in Roofs Restored’s Proposal to the customer, the installation of a coating will be completed in a workmanlike manner according to industry standard practices and that upon completion, the work will be free from defects in workmanship.

Warranty Period: This warranty commences upon the completion of the installation of the coating and will last for as long as the customer owns the home for a period of not more than Ten Years (10). The warranty is conditioned upon full payment by customer for all labor and materials supplied in connection with the new coating installation. The balance of this warranty is transferrable to a subsequent owner upon inspection and verification by Roofs Restored.

Customer responsibilities: For this workmanship warranty to remain valid, the customer is required to:

  1. If a leak or other problem is discovered, the customer must notify Roofs Restored in writing by submission of an email notification to, within thirty (30) days of the date of discovery. The notification must state with reasonable specificity the nature of the leak or other problem, generally where the leak is located and any other information regarding the leak or other problem that can assist in Roofs Restored in properly responding to the claim.
  2. The customer must not commence repairs to the coating except for reasonably limited emergency repairs to minimize damage to the home as a result of the leak or other problem.
  3. The customer must provide periodic general maintenance and care of the coated surface by inspecting the coating on a periodic basis, not less frequently than once each year, removing accumulated dirt, debris or other materials from the coated surface and all drainage systems serving the coated area, (Roofs Restored can perform, at no additional cost during the warranty period, maintenance of caulks/sealants at flashings and other coated area terminations, penetrations and metal work associated with the coating). It is recommended that customer maintain records of the periodic maintenance and care.
  4. Make the property and coated area available to Roofs Restored for completion of any necessary warranty repairs without any unreasonable interference.

Roofs Restored responsibilities:

Upon notification of a warranty claim, Roofs Restored will, within a reasonable period of time, investigate the claim and make any necessary repairs and corrections to the work. Roofs Restored will not be responsible any damages resulting from a warranty claim.

Exclusions from coverage: The following are excluded from the warranty provisions:

  1. Damages caused by natural disasters such as lightning strikes, fire, hail, high winds, impact of wind-blown debris and earthquakes.
  2. Abuse or excessive use of the coated area, such as excessive foot traffic or placement of structures or materials on the coated surface (e.g. heavy holiday decorations or sharp objects).
  3. Alterations or unauthorized repairs, including additions to the coated area, additional penetrations to the coated area, repairs other than limited emergency repairs to prevent further damage.